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“We have greatly appreciated working with Professional Image. From service to turnaround time to accountability – everything is top notch. Having trusted partners helps me sleep at night.”

Ashely Zager

VP of Operations, The New Primal

“Professional Image over-delivers all the time. We have made our name in the business through being creative and being nimble – Professional Image is the exact same way.”

Jim Dygas

Co-Founder, Urban Accents

“Working with Professional Image and their engineers was fantastic. The insert was something I wasn’t quite sure how to do from an engineering standpoint, and they designed an elegant solution for holding the cartridge so it displays nicely through the die-cut window.

I went to several different companies trying to get help with custom box designs and they all said, ‘We can’t do it’, but Professional Image said, ‘Yes, we can’.”

Ryan Day

Founder and Owner, Inhale Exhale

“I’ve worked with Professional Image for many years now and they are one of the most accommodating, friendly and fast companies in the field. They have never once let us down and I can’t recommend them highly enough.”

Will Collins

Purchasing & Sourcing Manager, WS Badger Co., Inc.

“Great team, competitive pricing, top notch product, earth-friendly materials. I recommend them to everyone I speak with.”

Jeff Kleineck

Eco Lips, Inc.

“One of our most consistent, quality and trusted suppliers. We’d recommend Professional Image to anyone without hesitation!”

Kelsea Ferrato

Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory

“I am reminded of the excellent quality every time I put a container in the box that Professional Image produced for me. One of the highest quality aspects of our entire business. Thank you!”

Patrick Smith

Founder, Patrick Smith Botanicals

Professional Image has exceed every expectation. We have had several different projects through their shop and they have never failed–not only to meet a deadline, but to exceed every single deadline.

Lunar Asslt

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Coffee, Repackaged – What a 150-year-old barn and a custom chocolate bar box have in common

You’ve probably never ordered a specialty coffee from inside of a barn—yet alone a barn that is over 150 years old. However, I guarantee that if presented with the opportunity you wouldn’t pass it by.The sight of the barn’s rugged and weathered exterior would...

Client Success Story – Inhale Exhale

The passage of modernized cannabis laws has sent the industry into a frenzy that’s reminiscent of the North American gold rushes of the 1800s. Opportunity abounds, but the one thing that is different this time around is that this gold rush has a bit more regulation....

Sticky Ideas from Across the Pond

It’s not uncommon for people to change jobs several times over the course of their careers. Changing one’s career path altogether is also not an uncommon thing. However, choosing to do a 180-degree shift of careers and do it in another country is not a choice for the...

Client Success Story – Urban Accents

In business, being the first to market with your product is one of the key ways to differentiate yourself from the competition. The first to market is often the one that is able to best anchor their brand in the minds of consumers. While this is certainly true, there...

Primal vs. Primitive – The resourcefulness of a modern hunter-gatherer

A passion for a product and the desire to figure it out – this is the beginning of countless success stories. However, what is too often absent from the polished narratives are the little details of how a business turned passion into product. Business owners need the...

Multi-scent-sory – Product packaging as an extension of the artist’s canvas

Nature is the original and longest-standing source of an artist’s inspiration. Monet’s impressionist paintings of water lilies, Thoreau’s memoir of Walden Pond, and Ansel Adam’s photographs of U.S. national parks all attest to the inspirational power of nature’s...

Client Success Story – DoubleShot Coffee Company

Every aspect of a product’s packaging conveys a message. In addition to the package’s graphic design and physical structure, tactile cues communicate a message. Look no further than industry-leading brands like Apple for a prime example of this. Imagine how different...



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