“In every day there are 1,440 minutes. That means we have 1,440 daily opportunities to make a positive impact”

Les Brown

No matter the news outlet, no matter the part of the world, there are countless articles sharing with us the doom and gloom that surrounds our daily life. All too often we, as humans, find a single flaw and dismiss the many successes which leads us to what is often a false perspective. The family at Professional Image believes now is the time, this is the moment, for all corporations, all individuals to come together and share the positive.

For the next 60 days can your organization commit to regularly highlighting the successes in your buildings, the good vibes on your team, and the smiles of your coworkers? Welcome to the Positivity Initiative!

Send company wide emails. Post on your social media accounts. Shout from the rooftop. There is greatness in your business. There is success in your community.

Together we can flood the world with reports of all the positivity in our lives and drown out the doom and gloom. As we lift up those around us our businesses, our lives, will all rise together.

Show your support for the Positivity Initiative by using the #PositivityInitiative hashtag. OR go further by downloading the graphics pack and placing the PI Check on your social profiles.

Positivity starts and ends with each and every one of us! Here’s to a positive future!