A passion for a product and the desire to figure it out – this is the beginning of countless success stories. However, what is too often absent from the polished narratives are the little details of how a business turned passion into product. Business owners need the meat of the story, not the fluff.
There is a phase that every successful business undergoes, and that’s determining which tasks they can accomplish in-house, and which require a trusted partner. Nationally-distributed jerky brand, The New Primal, came to this realization when the demand for their sustainably-sourced and minimally processed jerky skyrocketed amidst an increasingly saturated market.

In 2010, Jason Burke was working a regular office job. It was his passion for health and fitness that inspired him to find a protein-rich afternoon snack besides almonds. After researching several brands of beef jerky, he decided to make his own after noticing the high levels of sugar and excess processing. Having never done this, he did what any resourceful person would do – he researched it on Google.

Once his recipe was established, Burke began sharing his jerky with coworkers. It wasn’t long before he had to start asking for them to pitch in to cover the cost. Burke’s side hustle continued to grow, and he began selling his product online.

The New Primal’s VP of Operations, Ashley Zager, recalls the early era well. She began working for Burke while he was still working for the software company. The jerky was packaged using a simple vacuum sealer and a branded sticker was applied. It wasn’t uncommon for family members to be a part of the operation at this stage.

Eventually, the product line grew and Burke left his software job in 2012 to dedicate all of his professional time to The New Primal. They were the only grass-fed beef jerky on the market, but that all soon changed.

As the company grew so did the competition. Standing out in an increasingly saturated market became crucial to the brand’s continued survival. Fortunately, the modern hunter-gatherer is resourceful.

Zager went on a scout and spotted some boxes featuring custom die cuts. They caught her attention and she thought The New Primal’s logo, a fierce predatory owl, would be a prime candidate for a die-cut box. Zager said, “I sent photos of the die-cut boxes to Professional Image and said, ‘this looks really awesome, but how expensive is it going to be?’” Zager was shocked to learn that their boxes already required a custom die, so incorporating their owl logo made no difference in cost.

The new boxes were a game changer. “It cleaned up the whole look,” Zager said. “It gave us consistency and a beautiful display. When we go to trade shows, people come around the corner and stop.” 

And it’s not only the custom die that sets the packaging apart, it’s The New Primal’s use of color. The packaging for each jerky meat type has its own color palate. The plastic pouches for jerky and sleeves for the meat sticks are not a product Professional Image provides, however, we have decades of accurate color matching experience.

“Something that Professional Image has done that no one else has been able to do is provide consistency and color matching,” Zager said.

As VP of Operations, it’s the sense of partnership and peace of mind that Zager receives from working with Professional Image that keeps The New Primal a satisfied customer. For any business experiencing rapid growth and a competitive market, this is priceless.

“We have greatly appreciated working with Professional Image,” Zager said. “From service to turnaround time to accountability – everything is top notch. Having trusted partners helps me sleep at night.”

For Professional Image to accomplish that, it means we don’t simply print packaging from a file we receive and then move on to the next job. We become invested in your vision and aim to be an extension of your team. It’s not uncommon for employees of companies that are progressing to the next level to wear many hats, so we’re always double-checking along every step of the way to ensure accuracy.

For the modern hunter-gatherer, success is about being resourceful – whether that means snacking on beef jerky that’s not full of unhealthy ingredients or it means having a trusted partner to help you on your quarterly hunt towards success.

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