Every aspect of a product’s packaging conveys a message. In addition to the package’s graphic design and physical structure, tactile cues communicate a message.

Look no further than industry-leading brands like Apple for a prime example of this. Imagine how different the unboxing of an iPhone would be if it were in a brown corrugated cardboard box. Apple understands the value in creating a premium packaging experience that corresponds to their premium brand. iPhones arrive in a solid, rigid white box, was sold phone nestled perfectly inside a form-fitting insert. The way the box feels, sounds, and looks, is all engineered to add to the experience and affirm the consumer’s commitment to spending nearly $1,000 on a phone.

Designing this experience isn’t limited to large consumer electronics brands. Small details in a package’s design can not only lead to a purchase but can enhance the perceived value of a product.

Brian Franklin, owner of DoubleShot Coffee Company, in Tulsa, Oklahoma understands this well. Franklin’s coffee shop has a reputation for adhering to high-quality standards – only brewing and selling the freshest coffee, all roasted in-house. DoubleShot releases an annual high-end coffee during the holiday season. The most recent release was a variety known as a Gesha. The Hartman Natural Gesha #5 was sold in 200g jars for $40 (slightly over $80 a pound). For a product at this high of a price point, it was crucial to choose a packaging solution that conveyed it was a premium product. Franklin chose to have a velvet lamination finish applied to the custom boxes as a finishing method.

I chose velvet lamination because I love that finish.”, said Franklin. “I use it on my business cards and the DoubleShot postcards. It adds a tactile sensation that imparts a sense of quality. These small details are the difference between average and outstanding.

Those small details reveal how much pride Franklin takes in offering the premium coffees he roasts. Not only did he opt for a specialty finishing technique, but chose to have graphics printed on the inside of the boxes as well. The combined experience created an impressive unboxing experience for one of his premiere coffee releases.

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